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May 10, 2012 - Baby Blowes, General    1 Comment

And Baby Makes 3. Trailer Pictures.

It would seem that Baby Blowes already takes after their mother. He/she (no, we didn’t find out the gender) is most active after meals. We went for the trailer after lunch, so we got lots of little waves!

Love the thumbs up!

Sep 24, 2010 - Chapel, General, Moore College    No Comments

1 Tim 3:1 – A good ambition: oversight of God’s people.

John Woodhouse is back from long service leave and picked up preaching through 1 Timothy this week. He preached an absolute cracker of a sermon on 1 Tim 3:1.

There where three points in particular that really spoke to me:

  1. The noble task is overseeing. Paul didn’t say preaching, leading, entrepreneuring, church planting, etc. It is about caring for, guarding, protecting, serving God’s people. Self giving, not self serving. It is worth contrasting our ambitions with this one (even if we don’t aspire to be an overseer). It is about OTHERS not self.
  2. It is a noble task. Someone else saying that they desire to be an overseer is, in our culture, usually met with negativity. We think the person is proud, arrogant. We question who gives them the right to set themselves up over us. Paul says: Overseeing is a noble task.
  3. Related to the previous points, what is good about overseeing is the work. It isn’t about the position, status, reputation or power. It is about the work that is done, the caring of God’s people, the guarding of the flock. Hence when someone desires to be an overseer (in this sense) they desire to pour themselves out for the good of those whom God has placed in their care. Can you resent THAT?

This sermon was very timely for me. Just these last few weeks I’ve been thinking about the future, as E and I are still unsure what to do (teach in a bible college, church minister, MOCLAM?). It was good to have my ambitions challenged. Is my heart set on overseeing God’s people: guarding, protecting, caring for them, or am I thinking about “jobs”.

John Woodhouse recién volvió de licencia y retomó la predicación de 1 Timoteo. Hoy predicó un fantástico sermón sobre 1Tim 3:1.

En lo que dijo hubieron tres puntos en particular que realmente me hablaron:

  1. La tarea noble es supervisar. Pablo no dijo predicación, líder, emprendedor, plantación de iglesias, etc.  Se trata de cuidar, guardar, proteger y servir al pueblo de Dios.  Vale la pena contrastar nuestras ambiciones con ésta (incluso para aquellos que no aspiran ser supervisor). Se trata de OTROS no de mí.
  2. Es una tarea noble. Alguien Si alguien nos dice que desea ser supervisor, lo creemos siente orgulloso y arrogante. Nos preguntamos que les da el derecho a establecerse sobre nosotros. Pablo dice: Supervisar es una tarea noble.
  3. Además del punto anterior, lo que es bueno acerca de la supervisión es el trabajo. No se trata de la posición, estatus, prestigio o poder. Se trata de la labor que se realiza, el cuidado del pueblo de Dios, la vigilancia de la manada. Por eso, cuando alguien desea ser un supervisor (en este sentido de la palabra) – el deseo de derramar sus vidas por el bien de aquellos a quienes Dios ha puesto bajo su cuidado. ¿Se lo puedes resentir?

Este sermón me fue muy oportuno. En estas últimas semanas he estado pensando en el futuro, como la E y yo todavía no estamos seguros qué vamos a hacer (enseñar en un colegio teológico, ministro de la iglesia, MOCLAM?). Fue un gran desafío para mis ambiciones. ¿Está mi corazón puesto en la supervisión del pueblo de Dios: guardar, proteger, cuidar de ellos, o estoy pensando en “puestos de trabajo”?

Aug 10, 2010 - General    No Comments

Marriage designed to be finite – hence no marriage in heaven?

We read Luke 20:35-36 in chapel last week.

The “for” at the start of v36 really struck me. The reason why there is no marriage in heaven is because resurrection is eternal. This implies that the marriage covenant was designed to be finite (i.e. – “till death do us part”). Since there will be no end, there will be no marriage.

This makes the new covenant with Jesus all the more amazing. The marriage of Jesus to His bride (the church) is established post-resurrection (Rev 19:7)! It is a marriage that has no end.

Extra question: Does the first “marriage” happening pre-fall (and death) mean anything?

Aug 9, 2010 - General, technology    No Comments

The conclusion of the infinite monkey theorem is nigh.

1 EB = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 B = 1018 bytes = 1 billion gigabytes = 1 million terabytes (wikipedia)
That’s right folks, 5 billion gigabytes every 2 days. At 10 megapixels (~= 1k photos / GB) that’s 2.5 trillion new photos every day.

If we all stopped creating ‘useful’ data (eg, photos, videos, music, facebook posts, etc) and instead created an equivalent amount of ‘useless/random’ data (meeting minutes, abstract expresionist art, facebook posts, etc) surely we’d at very least have re-created Shakespeare’s lost works if not his entire canon by now…

Aug 4, 2010 - General    1 Comment

Not the Wednesday I was expecting.

Wow. Did the world wake up on the wrong side of bed today? E and I got up this morning expecting to have a lovely time together at Community Chapel . John Dickson was going to be speaking, good times.

2010-08-04 10.33.01

First surprise of the day: X pooping in his litter tray! He had decided that the floor was his preferred toilet, so it was very pleasant to find a present in the right place. Day’s looking good.

Then things decided to get weird. We walked out to the car, only to discover one of the back windows smashed (pictures) and the interior of the car in a mess… There go our plans for the day. Call the cops. Quick inventory of what’s gone. “What was taken?” I hear you ask. Let me answer first with what wasn’t taken: car stereo, CDs, tools. What was taken: Old Nokia 6110 (with no SIM card), prescription sun glasses, bluetooth handsfree kit.

2010-08-04 10.31.52Cops come round. Mid taking a statement have to run off for a “medical emergency”. Promise to come back later and send round the fingerprint squad. We’re both feeling ok, although slightly down about how the day has begun.

I head inside to look into auto glass repairers.

First call: o’brien. “Can fix it today maybe, tomorrow at latest. $413. Oh hang on, you’re getting quotes from other people? I’ll check with my supervisor. It’s your lucky day, we can do it for only $293”.

Second call: Access Glass. Only had a mobile number as contact, it went through to a fax line.

Edwina comes in to tell me that the toilet is blocked again… No longer flushing properly. Anything else going to go wrong?

Third call: Action Windscreens. Again only a mobile number for contact, however this time it was answered straight away by a friendly sounding chap called David. Can repair today if he can get the part, if not tomorrow at latest. $198.

We go with the third guy.  Waiting on the fingerprint squad before we get the window fixed.

What to do about the toilet?  Last time it got blocked I called a plumber. He had a nifty compressed air powered plunger that cleared it (at least temporarily). Charged me $150 for the privilege. I’ve decided to find my own nifty compressed air plunger – after a bit of searching I not only found one but found somewhere that stocks it in Sydney. At $50, I’ll try it first thanks. Waiting on the fingerprint squad so the window can be fixed so I can drive the car to get the plunger.

NIBSo now I need new sunnies. Unfortunately, prescription sunnies don’t come cheap. Off to look into how much it costs to get private health cover (which might help pay for new glasses). Since we already have ambulance cover with NIB, I check out what they offer first. As it happens, our ambulance cover was just renewed, and in the post with the notice we got a flyer for Dental Plus Cover. That looks pretty much perfect, save for the waiting periods, time to call NIB see if we can wrangle ourselves a no waiting time policy.

After the usual rigmarole of automated voice attendants (this one wasn’t too bad) I get to speak to a lovely young lady who through the course of our conversation tells me it’s her birthday today! Happy birthday NIB call center lady. We want dental plus but no waiting, etc, etc. Unfortunately the reply is no-can-do for waiving the waiting period on extras only cove. This is where it all goes weird again. What you could do says my new best friend (in that “I’m telling you this but I’m not telling you this” voice) is sign up for Basic Saver cover. Because it’s hospital + extras I can then waive the waiting period on extras and you can buy your new sunnies straight away. If you were to then drop down to Dental Plus cover (*wink* *wink*) there’s nothing we could do about it. Weird. But I like it. We sign up.

Fingerprint guys appear! They dust the car, CDs and fuse box cover. We’re the third they’ve been to this morning, all exactly the same deal (rear window smashes, GPS units taken).  Are we glad to know we’re not alone? Not really.

Hm… need to do number 2s, Hungry Jacks across the road it is 🙂

What else can Wednesday throw at us?

Update: For those that care, Kleer Drain Instant Drain Opener worked. Yay!

Jul 29, 2010 - General    2 Comments

Purpose of this blog

This blog has been created to give me a place to do some reflection. My aim is to post one reflection per class. They may be long, they may be very short.

I will also use it to practice my theological spanish (which is very poor).

Este blog es un lugar donde dejar pensamientos y reflejos. Espero poner una entrada por clase. Algunas van a ser largas, la mayoria cortas!