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Arg trip: day 1 wrap.


Trip: 20 hours, 13000 kms, 2 hours of delayed flight, one crying baby and a crazy Chinese dude tapping metal chopsticks together in each drink. E did supremely well, found her quiet zone and settled in! Biggest let down: no angry lady doing the announcements at Auckland.

First impressions: it’s strange the things that trigger memories… obviously the driving (E said “they know how to use the horn here “) is one if them. The tiles on the pavement have been the strongest yet, blast from the past right there!

Had pizza for dinner from a place that was full of metal heads…

Apartment: it’s a really lovely place! We’re both loving both the apartment and the area.  Shame about the dog poo on the sidewalk.

Jet lag: we were both awake and hungry at 3:30, so had left over pizza. Went back to bed at 5, slept in till 10!

There are supermarkets every other block here, so we popped into the closest one for some essentials. Showed E ades, maybe she’ll understand you more dad 😉

Today: caught the subte to cabildo, ran into some major Portuguese festival before heading down to the pink house.  Took obligatory photo for E’s Evita obsessed friends.  Proceeded to walk down toward the San Telmo markets.
What do you know! You know how they warn you about mustard spraying thieves? Well… they squirt mustard on you alright.  Yeah, sure, pigeons really poo that much. All the way down your back. Both your backs.  Thankfully, caught on quick enough to get E out of there. She did the right thing, just held onto her bag. Savora (argy mustard) really stinks, but we ploughed on to the markets anyway.

Markets: pretty things (E bought some), leather things (all G rated), knives (no, didn’t buy any), street performers, rhythm bands and people walking around towing eskies trying to sell you food out of them.   We had fun.  Although the stink finally got to us, so we went home to wash.

Called Mariana to find out what time church is.  Woops, it was this morning. So we went to Palermo SOHO for dinner instead. E bought a dress.

Had dinner in a nice restaurant (basically an upmarket Burger joint- own bakery, Patisserie, etc). E mentioned it was the kind of place her sister J thinks of when thinking BA eatery.

Walked home, E stopped to look at architectural features every block or so. She likes pretty buildings.

Oh, and we took a photo of a substation.  Just for you Father Richard.

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